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SWARGA will continue to support these newly elected women parliamentarians within the years forward, together with further trainings on how to draft and implement efficient budgets and the parliamentary lawmaking process. The project may also give trainings on key development points in Indonesia, such as decentralization, communications, and gender.

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Yet for the reason that fall of Suharto until the latest election in 2014, the number of women that have become the lawmakers have by no means reached even30%. Dyah Ayu Kartika (Kathy) is a researcher for The Center for The Study of Religion and Democracy (PUSAD Paramadina), Jakarta. As a New Mandala Indonesia Correspondent Fellow, she shall be writing about gender points all through the 2019 nationwide elections. We can see then, that pro-Jokowi women’s partisan groups have diversified agendas, from well being and education services to financial alternative for girls to work from home.

In Malaysia in 2006 she needed to hurriedly flee the country after she was searched for blasphemy, having written the word “Allah” on a ceramic plate which she smashed against the wall. Her main concern in such works is to challenge the load given to symbols associated with religion which might be learn and misinterpret in such a way as to distort the essence of religion to its practitioners and past. Ironically, she herself became a victim of American intolerance and suspicion of Muslims as terrorists after the 9/11, because she was identified not only as female Indonesian artist, but also as a Muslim female Indonesian artist.

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While this marked important progress in direction of adopting a meritocratic human resource system, the masculinist contours of Suharto’s New-Order-period nonetheless seem to dominate Indonesia’s public service (Vatikiotis 2013). Women continue to experience limitations indonesian woman in their public service careers and promotional developments. This e-book examines women’s activism in the early years of independent Indonesia when new attitudes to gender, nationalism, citizenship and democratization had been forming.



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