While I agree it is daft, I can see why they were worried about it. Ultimately it’s just one episode, hopefully everyone can just go "oh well" and move on without making a meal of it.


It only becomes racist when you ban the episode. I’m sure there was no racial connotation implied by the writers, but our hyper PC culture took it there.

But yeah, maybe I don’t see racism here because I am from a completely different country. The US has a long history of oppressing African Americans; oppression that can still be felt today. Again, I agree this episode isn’t meant to be racism, but the connections are there and should be avoided. It’s crazy the censoring that is done in the west and how no child’s mind would even go there but now that is what this episode will be remembered for. It’s up to parent’s to teach their kids about morals and how to think not the fcc.

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@PanurgeJr Well on the other hand I am surprised on the number of black people who are in defence of this matter. Not surprised at the number of white people who don’t get it speaking up.

@dougphisig That’s just called being compassionate towards other peoples feelings and not doing everything just because it’s technically not illegal or super obvious blackface. And just like this episode it wasn’t meant to be offensive, so I’m sorry if it did offend you. I feel like people are just making a big deal about things for the sake of making a big deal. Maybe I’m missing something, but I really don’t get how people would find this offensive at all He’s simply trying to look like a Pokemon, nothing more, nothing less.

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@HipsterInkling I still find it weird. This depiction is not "blackface", because it’s not used to portray black people, and therefore cannot be racist, because it’s not about race anyway.

It is really silly,I dare say the episode is not intended to be created with racism at all. Well, the episode features long-time trainer Ash dressing up as a Passimian. The problem is this particular Pokémon has a primate-style design, with Ash even donning black makeup on his face to complete the look.



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